Programs and Projects



The Oxec and Oxec II Hydroelectric Plants provide a health program that seeks to reduce maternal and child disease and death rates through first-class assistance to both mothers and children.

The program focuses its attention at different levels: individual, family, and community. Vaccination, medical consultations, and nutritional supplementation days are important activities of this program, which includes more than 50 % of the population of Santa María Cahabón.



In partnership with Entrepreneurs for Education, Oxec and Oxec II Hydroelectric Plants seek to positively influence the teaching – learning process by training teachers, providing school supplies, promoting reading, reducing multi-grade classes, accomplishing the minimum 180-classdays and improving the educational infrastructure.


Productivity and development

One of the main productive activities in the communities of influence is cardamom and coffee harvesting.

The school – cardamom company “Green Heart” project is an initiative that promotes employability in marginalized rural areas by technifying cardamom cultivation and effectively identifying international markets for selling, with a brand concept that seeks to permanently ensure better income to the beneficiary population.